Nightcrawler – Jake Gyllenhaal’s Outstanding Performance


Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in Nightcrawler could easily get him into the Oscars; it really is that great! He is an incredible actor with astonishing films under his belt, such as The End of Watch, Jar Head, Prisoners, Brothers, etc. And although he has always nailed his characters, this time, it may well be his best performance ever!


ABC’s The Great Halloween Fright Fight Premieres Tonight!


Have I confessed my love for candy? Love cannot even sum up my true addiction. So, when Halloween comes around, you bet I am excited to go door-to-door and collect as many goodies as possible. Even if it means being in the dark and getting scared.

Unlike, other celebrations (ex: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines), Halloween is the only time of year where people can scare you, chase you, and haunt you just for fun. The creativity is endless when it comes to finding the best way to accelerate our hearts, and we will witness it on ABC’s The Great Halloween Fright Fight.


On Set with Cristela!

10632750_10152518012688598_6320804138180728319_nCristela Alonzo’s new ABC comedy “Cristela” premiered this past Friday, October 10th as the #1 show for its time-slot, making it the second best comedy debut of the Fall. The Mexican-American comedian’s family sitcom premiered with 6.6 million viewers. On a recent tour of the “Cristela” set, I covered for Cinemovie TV, and my blogger colleague, Cabeza de Coco.


The Liberator

10374850_10152274687958598_8667685021880444764_nBack in June, you may have seen this photo I took with Edgar Ramirez during an interview for his film, The Liberator. Well, it is finally releasing this Friday, October 3rd.