4 Ways to Travel for Free (or Cheap)

We have posted about obtaining points in order to get free airfare, and we hope that is working out for you, but if it is not, don’t worry because there are more ways to get cheap or free flights. In this post, we are going to give you all the ways to get to your dream destinations with little to no money out of pocket.

1. Mistake Fares and Great Deals

Mistake fares happen by human error, computer glitch, conversion errors, and accidentally not adding fuel surcharge and other fees. You can literally get a round trip flight from the US to Japan for under $400. These mistakes don’t last a long time so if you see one, jump on it immediately, but don’t make any plans as of yet. Keep in mind that these are not airline offers or sales, but a mistake by the airlines, so as soon as they catch it they will fix the price. And worst of all is if the airline doesn’t honor the mistake fare. You don’t want to have made all other arrangements only for airline to leave you hanging.

So, if you find a mistake fare, book it, and wait. If the airline honors it, start making arrangements. But how do you find mistake fares? There are many twitter accounts that tweet out great flights deals daily, including mistake fares. Our two favorites are, the appropriately named @theflightdeal, and @airfarewatchdog. Follow these two accounts and don’t miss out great deals.

2. Vouchers

Have you ever been waiting for your flight and an announcement is made that the airline is looking for volunteers to be bumped from the flight? If you have the time, volunteer. For your generosity, the airlines will compensate you with a voucher. This voucher can be worth hundreds of dollars which can be used on tickets later. I know it’s the least convenient way to earn a cheap flight but some travelers do this often. The best way to do this is to pack light, meaning no checked bags, arrive early for your flight and ask staff is they are looking for volunteers. They will put you on a list and will notify you if the plane is overbooked and need you to volunteer. Before volunteering, have an alternate flight that you can request in case you are needed to volunteer.

3. Work

There are people out there that have jobs that fly them around for various reasons. Probably the most common are sales people who fly to other cities on the company dime. From my experience, the companies pay for your flight and you earn the points. Another job that works out like this is brand ambassador.

Marketing agencies send out brand ambassadors (or product specialists) to events around the country to promote all kinds of brands. This can be an on and off again promotion, or a marketing company can put you in team that goes on tour. For instance, a marketing agency may have a client in the auto industry, and they put a team together to go out on tour to promote at auto shows and other events.  Again here they fly you out and you collect the points.

All these points you collect on the company money are yours to use for a future flight of your choice.

4. Points

As we have brought up before, points are the best way to get a flight. The reason is you don’t have to keep your eye out for a deal, don’t have to have a certain job, don’t have give up your flight and wait around. You simply pay for your regular expenses with a points earning credit card that will eventually earn you enough for flights. Also, depending on your expenses you can apply for a card that will earn you more points in certain categories, like restaurants or office supplies. The other way to earn more points is through shopping portals, which link you to many online retailers, where you can earn more points on top of the points you earn for using your credit card.


Now that you have these ways to get around for free or cheap you should have no excuses for not visiting your dream destination. Apply for a points earning credit card, watch out for great deals, get a job with travel benefits, or earn those vouchers. Whatever it is, get started!

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