5 Websites to Book Cheap Flights

When you’re enjoying your time away from home at your dream destination, what is one thing that can make it more enjoyable?… Knowing that you obtained your flight tickets cheaply.

Most people have their travel plans ruined by expensive flights, and I would hate for that to happen to you. So, I present to you 5 websites to purchase cheap tickets (if you’re not using points).

Matrix Airfare Search

This airfare search engine can be confusing at first, and you’ll find out that you can’t actually purchase tickets from there, but it is such a powerful tool in finding cheap flights on daily basis for 30 days. Like all other airfare searches, you can find a flight for specific date, or you can enter an approximate day and length of stay, and look at prices for the next 30 days. After you find a price you like, go to that airline’s website, or other location you purchase tickets from, and enter the same information to get that price.


A friend of mine recently purchased round trip tickets from Denver, CO to Copenhagen, Denmark for $436 on Adioso. The coolest thing about this website is that if you can’t decide where to go, you can enter ‘domestic’ as your destination and get the lowest prices to cities in the US. Other options are ‘best museums’, ‘international’, ‘India’ (and other countries), and ‘friends’ (when signed up through Facebook). Once you found your flight, you will be directed to Expedia to book your flight.


At a layover, have you ever wondered if you can just get off the plane because you’d rather visit that city than your destination? Skiplagged works in that sentiment. It finds your destination as a stop on another flight past your destination, which can be less than a direct route. However, it does come with risk and annoyance. If you book this way, you shouldn’t check baggage because your luggage will be headed to the final destination and the stop, and delays could cause rerouting that may not stop at your destination.

Google Flights

Much like Adioso, Google Flights can search for destinations by region, and you can also enter ‘I’m feeling lucky’ to get flights based on your search history. Also, like Matrix Airfare Search, you can get a calendar showing the cheapest price per day everyday of the month. Another cool thing is that once you search a flight it will give you a similar and less expensive option. The best tool is finding layover cities in the way to your destination that you would like to visit. Under the “More” tab, select certain cities or ‘any destination’ and ‘any duration’ for layovers to come up on your search.

The Flight Deal

This website is much different than the others as you can’t search for flights or book them. What the Flight Deal does is it announces the best deals from origins and to destinations around the world. The best way to be informed is to follow them on twitter @theflightdeal so that you don’t miss out on any amazing deals. One of the best deals from earlier this year was a round trip flight from LAX to Tokyo, Japan. If you can or are up to a spur of the moment trip, I recommend The Flight Deal.

There you have 5 websites that can send you off to the most dreamt about destinations in the world and you won’t break the bank. If you have a destination in mind, compare all the websites to find your best option.
Have you used any of the websites mentioned? Do you use others? Let us know in the comments below.

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