Get that BONUS!

I’m a huge fan of Chase Ultimate Rewards. I have four points earning Chase cards, and one of them is my first card, Chase Freedom.

This quarter, April to June, Chase Freedom card holders who have activated their quarterly bonus are earning 5% for every dollar spent at grocery stores excluding Target and WalMart (photo above). The purchase limit is $1,500 so you can potentially earn up to 7,500 points, or $75 cash back.

I have yet to maximize my points with the quarter coming to a close. What will I do to maximize my points earning potential with under 2 weeks in the quarter left? Simple. I will purchase gift cards at the grocery stores I frequent. So, to find out how much I will need to purchase, I will log on to, and add how much I’ve spent on groceries since April 1 using my Chase Freedom card and subtract that number from $1,500.

Be sure you do the same and maximize your Chase Freedom card. While you’re at it, activate the bonus for next quarter: 5% when using your Chase Freedom card at restaurants.

Do you have a Chase Freedom card? How do you like it? Will you be applying for one? Let us know in the comments below.

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