Earn 17,500 Chase UR points in 1 month

I am a big fan of Chase Ultimate Rewards, and I have four Chase Ultimate Rewards points earning credit cards to prove it. The reason I love Chase UR? I use the UR points I earn for travel. In this post, you will learn why you should apply for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card and how easy it is to earn points.

In March, when the Chase Freedom Unlimited card became available, I immediately called and applied. My chip enabled card arrived the following week. The best benefit with this card is that you earn 1.5% cash back for every $1 spent. Any amount, anytime. It’s that simple. The other benefits are the no annual fee and easy to earn sign-up bonus.

Speaking of the sign-up bonus, you receive 15,000 UR points when you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening. Five hundred dollars is a very easy bonus to achieve compared to other cards where the requirement is thousands of dollars. I reached the $500 threshold within the first month and received my points at month closing.  And that is not it. I added an authorized user to help me earn an easy 2,500 points. By the way, my authorized user is my mom. So when my mom used her card to make any purchase, something as small as bottled water, I earned 2,500 points.

There you have it 17,500 Chase Ultimate Rewards points in one month. Once you receive your 17,500 points, you can get $175 cash back, or do what I do; transfer them to my Chase Preferred Sapphire account to use for travel.  But I will cover that in future posts. For now, go out and get those points!


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