A Delightful, Bilingual Romantic Comedy | Everybody Loves Somebody

I think it’s safe to say that romantic comedies are an addiction. We know what the outcome will be, yet we still stay stuck to the screen until the end. It’s no different for this upcoming bilingual romantic comedy, Everybody Loves Somebody.

Everybody Loves Somebody stars Karla Souza as Clara Barron a beautiful and young woman who seems to have everything together. Clara has a great job as an OB-GYN, a great home in Los Angeles, and a beautiful connection with her family, but one thing she is missing is LOVE.

The movie seamlessly weaves between Spanish and English so effortlessly as we see Clara figure out her love life. She comes to a point where she must decide between going back to the past or opening her heart to new unexpected possibilities.

I love seeing latino cinema in a different spotlight than the usual. Everybody Loves Somebody is funny, cute and enjoyable.

Scinery had the opportunity to sit down with the cast to talk about the film, what love is, and how latino cinema is growing.

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