Hike The Hollywood Sign | Where To Take The Best Picture

The Hollywood sign is visited by tourist every day. It’s the number one attraction in Hollywood. However, every year it only becomes more difficult for tourist to visit. Why?

Well, it sits above a neighborhood called Beachwood Canyons, who got tired of tourist visiting their neighborhood on a daily. The residents took action by putting up signs to confuse tourist, so they could stop approaching the neighborhood. They wanted to block off access to the Hollywood sign, which is a PUBLIC Landmark.

Additionally, they convinced Wazes and Google to purposely redirect people to an alternative location which takes you to the Griffith Observatory.

Now I know if you’re reading this, and will soon be visiting Hollywood, you want the money shot like I have above. So here is how you reach the Hollywood sign.

Firstly, you want to set your address to Lake Hollywood Park. You could find parking around the area. If you are using uber or lyft, make sure you are dropped off at the park and hike up. When I was there, cops were giving tickets to uber and lyft drivers because they were stopping on red zones in order to drop off customers.

Now, once you arrive at Lake Hollywood Park, you’ll see the Hollywood sign. You’ll get great photos here, however, if you continue the hike, your photos will get even BETTER! Check out the video Β to see what I’m talking about…

Is it worth hiking behind the Hollywood sign? To be honest, I don’t think so. If you’re just concerned about a great photo, the best spot would be where I took mine (see video above). There is no need to hike BEHIND the sign. However, if you love to hike and enjoy gorgeous views, then absolutely yes!

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